the Chakras:

Seven pools of spiraling energy flowing through the body ...

EARTH (Root): Survival.Water (Sacral): Pleasure.

Energy (Solar Plexus): Will Power. Heart (Heart): Love.

Sound (Throat): Truth. Vision (Third Eye): Insight.

Thought (Crown): Universal Energy

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Copyright 2014. Rayne Anna Storm. All rights reserved.

                           I consider my books, my work to be like the moon: a guiding light from which to learn, to live, and to share. It is that light that little cubs will be drawn to - to learn and to play. Those cubs will someday grow up to live their own lives with the foundation of what they have learned. They are the teachers of tomorrow, sharing their lessons with their own cubs,  who come to play and to learn, beneath the love and light of the moon.   --- Rayne Storm

New Age Children's Author, Illustrator and Earth-based Spiritualist with Yggdrasil Roots

Rayne Anna Storm