Earth-based Spiritualism

with Yggdrasil Roots

"Believe in the impossible

because the possible,

​is right there within it."


About ESYR:

ESYR (pronounced es-er ), is Earth-based Spiritualism with Yggdrasil Roots.  One who practices ESYR is an Earth-based Spiritualist with Yggdrasil Roots.  ESYR is a Spirituality not a Religion. It was created for individual spiritual guidance and growth.  It is neither Paganism or Heathenry, but it is a little bit of both and so much more. It is a blend of honoring the Earth and respecting the Norse Pantheon and Principles.  

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About Rayne Anna Storm: 

That's me. :)  Also written/seen as Rayne Storm. I am a new-age children's author, illustrator, and Earth-based Spiritualist with Yggdrasil Roots (ESYR). I'm a Norse Mama of two, deeply rooted in the Northern Tradition.

Over the last decade, I have studied and practiced the Northern Tradition, while learning and exploring various other cultures and belief systems.  I was never meant to follow in the footsteps of others; instead I create my own path... a path that others can follow if they choose. 

I focus my work on integrating spiritual beliefs with home n' hearth. My life objective is to help build spiritual faith and understanding for others, complete with compassion and principles.  I strive to open the minds of others and guide them into leading virtuous lives. 

In addition to my publications, I create worksheets, coloring pages, games, and activities, too.

About LUV 2 LRN:

LUV 2 LRN (pronounced love-to-learn ) / LUV 2 LRN Publishing is an independently owned, small publishing company that specifically creates and publishes; worksheets, workbooks, games, activities and more, based on the teachings and understandings of ESYR.  Anything being downloaded from this site (ESYR / LUV 2 LRN / Rayne Storm) is for personal use only.  Please email LUV 2 LRN for written permission to use in group settings.  

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