Earth-based Spiritualism

with Yggdrasil Roots


I (ESYR / LUV 2 LRN / Rayne Storm) ask with the utmost kindness, that you respect the work that I have created for you (anyone wishing to use what I have made available) ... for FREE.  Only ONE download of each file, to be saved in ONLY one retrieval system (hard drive, flash drive ect.).  DO NOT remove my copyright tags from the pages or activities.  PLEASE print off as many copies as you would like, but please do not pass them off as your own.  As long as everyone follows my terms, they will remain FREE.   Anyone who is caught in violation of these terms, could face legal repercussions.  Thank you!


The Digital Version Workbook or Calendar (E-Workbook / E-Calendar), from LUV 2 LRN Publishing, are available for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  That means one family unit per purchased copy. Only one copy is allowed to be saved to any retrieval system.  If you lose your copy (because it does happen), you will need your receipt information to receive another copy for free. Each file is a 10MB+ PDF's.  You will need Acrobat Reader to open the file.  Each page of the file has a copyright imprinted on it so that you can print off the pages as necessary. The copyright is not to be removed or tampered with.   Once you purchase your DIGITAL copy - there is no returning it.

After your purchase, and once the order has processed, you will receive an email from me (please check your spam folder), within 24 hours.  Once you have replied back to my e-mail (to validate the e-mail account), you will receive a follow-up email that will contain your Digital Download. If you do not receive your initial email, asking you to reply back, please use the contact button below.  In your message, be sure to include your Account Information / Order Number that you obtained when you purchased your copy.  

If you have any other questions or concerns, before you purchase, please feel free to  { Contact Me } in advance. .

Downloading Terms