Earth-based Spiritualism

with Yggdrasil Roots

What is the history of ESYR ?                                                                                     

ESYR was officially created in 2010, and lived within the confines of notebooks, binders and folders.  It lays no claim to being a "descendant" of any other tradition or religion.   But it was built upon the traditions and teachings of many different cultures, while being true to the Norse Pantheon.

What is the Norse Pantheon?

The Norse Pantheon is the collective of Norse Gods, Giants, Dwarves, and otherworldly creatures. The Norse Pantheon was the Pantheon of the Norse/Vikings.  But some Norse Gods were also worshiped by the Germanic people and the Celtics.

Who are the most well known Gods/Goddesses of the Norse Pantheon?

  • Odin, the All-Father: All-Seeing God.  Known for knowledge and for the Runes.
  • Frigg, the All-Mother: Wife of Odin. Known for marriage/family/fertility. 
  • Thor: Son of Odin. A Demi-God.  God of Thunder and of Strength.
  • Freyr: Twin brother to Freyja. God of Abundance and Harvest.
  • Freyja: Twin sister to Freyr. Goddess of Love and War. Leader of the Valkyries.
  • Baldr: Son of Odin and Frigg. The Shining God.  Known for Reincarnation.
  • Loki: Son of Laufey (a tree goddess).  Known as the Trickster God.

Notes: This is only a small selection of Gods. Variations in name spellings and pronunciations exist.  What you see here is the standard set by ESYR.

Fact vs. Fiction: the Norse Gods?

Ok. Lets clear up just a couple of things.  I love Marvel movies because they are entertaining, and the visual effects are awesome ... but, they are filled with misconceptions about the Norse Gods.  First off, Thor has flaming red hair.  And Loki, while it is true he was not raised by his father - he wasn't raised by Odin either. Surt, the black, raised him as his own.  And, if by chance you watch the Marvel cartoons, let me just make a quick note that the personalities and behaviors of the Gods are far from accurate as well.  Now I could go on, but it's not necessary to pick it to death.  Just be aware that you shouldn't believe everything you are shown.

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